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Skier’s Life: Goggle Feng Shui

By Sam Masters

Admittedly Feng Shui is sooooo 2002 but its literal translation of “wind-water” makes it an apt metaphor for the ruthless application of goggle maintenance; a subject whose study I have made my life’s work.

Goggles are sacred and should be protected at all costs. Spend the cash on the flagship model. Make sure they fit your face snugly - several densities of foam are better than one. Bring along your helmet to ensure compatibility. A dual lens with vents is essential. Never put them on your forehead, around your neck or clip them around your thigh (this is more a credibility than performance issue).

Goggles are your windows to a low contrast, fast moving, eye-deceiving world and need to be treated with due respect. If scratched inside, they’re fucked. Avoid touching the lens. After a head plant bang the excess snow out by holding the frame and put them back on your face.

If you sweat and fog up the goggles leave them on. The best way to clear moisture is to ski fast – vents will direct air over the lens and evaporate moisture. If you take your goggles off when outside any condensation on the lens will freeze; your futile attempts to scratch the ice off the inside of the lens will destroy them.

If you must clean the lens only use the bag they came in and then sparingly. Ideally carry a second pair of goggles with an alternate lens for variable conditions or the inevitable optical wardrobe malfunction. Avoid spitting in your goggles like a scuba diver. Sunglasses are a fashion accessory, not an item of skiwear. Here endth the lesson.


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