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Built with two full layers of carbon fibre around our bamboo core. Stable, light weight and highly-responsive with a flex tailored for you. this is the ultimate Kingswood ride.

Choose any model in our range and we'll work through the details with you personally.


Designed for those who love piste but like to have the option to break away. Early rise at the tip for easy turn initiation, adjustable camber through the running length for edge hold and ample side cut for quick turns.

Lengths: 166cm, 180cm


A general practitioner. Dependable, with a wide range of skills.

Rocker and taper tip and tail, camber under the foot.

Lengths: 171cm, 177cm, 184cm

THE uni

A universal tool for those who want an

all-access pass to the mountain.

Lengths: 154cm, 166cm 177cm, 187cm, 187cm, 192cm

THE smb

A fat, rockered powder ski for those who would never bring a sausage to a knife fight. Surprisingly nimble.

Lengths: 157cm, 166cm, 178cm, 188cm, 194cm

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