“The Archetypes just kept performing better and better as the conditions changed. I was exceptionally happy with their ability to deal with the chop – probably the best I’ve had in these conditions.”

“I’ve skied most of his skis since the early days of production and I can honestly say they are some of the best skis on the market.”

“Alex, you’re a master. My SMBs are magic. I’ve had them for two weeks in Hakuba with everything from boot to chest deep and they absolutely rip. Groomers are super smooth for a fat ski and all in all you have a very happy customer. Many thanks and congratulations on an amazing product.”

The Archetypes were absolutely mental at hutt today – really incredible carving skis, when I pushed they hard they kept giving and giving. They weren’t friendly, they were angry as hell, but that’s what you want from a high end ski. Thanks so much – those skis made me feel like Bode Miller today.

“Awesome awesome awesome skis!!!! Loved them.”

“The best way to describe a ride on a pair of Kingswood fats is smooth! Those bad boys just smash through crud and hold an edge on the hardest hardpack at warp speed! Forget the chatter, skip and wander of the puny skis of yesterday. The future is fat and handmade in NZ!”

“It’s stiff enough to hold its own on the groomed or packed stuff, but where it showed me the most love was in the steep soft stuff, it skied super stable, but when I wanted to scrub speed or throw it round a bit, it let me be in control. I have never seen this in a ski before, normally I find them stiff and unforgiving, or soft and floppy in the steeps, but the Kingswood has the best of both. I will without a doubt be skiing Kingswoods for a long time to come.”

“The ski for the day is the Kingswood SMB – oh wait, that’s the ski for every day.”

“The skis are great. I love the fact that they handle so well in all conditions. The extra flex makes them feel like GS skis, but so nimble in the trees and powder.”

“These skis are wonderful. I love every single thing about them… after a few inches of new the Skinnies floated effortlessly. On fast groomers I could virtually lay my hip down and still feel very secure in the turn. I think these skis are now the most beautiful piece of equipment I own… they are now resting very nicely in a prominent corner of my home office. I stare at them for long periods. We are developing quite a love affair.”