“The skis are great. I love the fact that they handle so well in all conditions. The extra flex makes them feel like GS skis, but so nimble in the trees and powder.”

“In short, they are awesome. I have never been more confident in untouched snow, and am amazed at the variety of turn shapes the skis can hold in those conditions. I love the stiff feel and pop that the skis have when you want to throw them around.”

“Awesome is the overall conclusion, they have been well tested on all sorts of snow, crud, hardpack, epic powder and even some turns in the park. The groomed trails have become a blurr and the skis have a faster 0-60 than most cars. Cheers for building a top ski.”

“Alex, you’re a master. My SMBs are magic. I’ve had them for two weeks in Hakuba with everything from boot to chest deep and they absolutely rip. Groomers are super smooth for a fat ski and all in all you have a very happy customer. Many thanks and congratulations on an amazing product.”

“I’m doing a season in the French Alps at the moment, and have absolutely loved them… They take me everywhere, and until now I haven’t skied on anything as solid or as well balanced for me. It doesn’t matter whether it’s groom, ice, bumps or powder they are great!”

“I thought I would really only use my Archetypes on those rare powder days at Mount Hutt or in the spring on soft or slushy snow. Despite this I took them to with me on our July school holiday trip to Coronet Peak and after a day on my old narrow carving skis I thought I’d see how they would go on the hard packed artificial snow. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed them so much I spent the remaining six days on them. Put them on edge and they will carve in hard pack and flex nicely in the turn so that sharper carving turns are possible. In the softer, fresher snow they are more fun than conventional carving skis as they surf over the top rather than sinking and slowing down into the softer snow. I also love the look of the Klaus Kramer limited edition top sheet. It makes my Archetypes a unique and beautiful pair of skis. Now that I know they ski well on piste and how much fun they are in the softer snow, I don’t think I’ll go back to my narrow, conventional carving skis again this season. Thanks for making such a satisfying and enjoyable pair of skis. My 14 year old daughter loves her 166cm skinny Kingswoods and my 8 year old daughter also loves her 130cm Takka skis with the robot design.”

“As I shuffled through town to the supermarket via the wine shop there were numerous positive comments. One local powderhead even volunteered (approvingly) info on their pedigree, tips on how to ski them, and even tips on care!”

“I spent the weekend in Fernie BC with some friends, and we went cat skiing. My skis were awesome! I have a pair of your Rocketype’s, and I was blown away. I’m looking forward to another set – I love good quality. Keep up the awesome work!”

“Firstly, let me say how blown away I was with the mega fats. I wish I had these things years ago. We had a pretty low snow pack for Japan but the skis made it so easy to blow over all the brush sticking out and super easy to turn in the tight stuff. Super impressed with how they handled the hard pack too. You have a great product there.”

“Just had another epic overseas trip with the Kingswoods, this time to Japan, Hokkaido. The Kingswoods are in their element. Great conversation starter with fellow kiwis. So chur for bringing such sick ski`s to this world.”