“Alex, you’re a master. My SMBs are magic. I’ve had them for two weeks in Hakuba with everything from boot to chest deep and they absolutely rip. Groomers are super smooth for a fat ski and all in all you have a very happy customer. Many thanks and congratulations on an amazing product.”

I have been meaning to let you know just how brilliant my SMBs were in Japan in March and to thank you and Alex for (quite frankly) the best skis I’ve ever used. They handled the piste just fine and were superb in the powder.

“The mega fat is such a good ski it’s humbling. Exceptional in the pow, even better when it’s variable snow and they carve well enough on piste to rail high speed GS turns. They are my most prized possession.”

“A big thank you to Alex for talking me into the SMB’s. I absolutely love them! It was a big change for me to go to a pair of fats and I’m glad I did. I have spent a lot of time off piste with them and I can say they performed far better than I expected, in fact I think Alex under sold them a bit but one thing he was right about was was that I wouldn’t bother chopping and changing between skis and would just end up riding my SMB’s. TC last Saturday was a good test the powder had been well skied out with the choppy snow only starting to soften during the day but I found they bashed through the lumps,bumps and humps with ease, staying strong and true to wherever I pointed them. Oh and I’ve got them carving nicely on piste as well, which again was much better than expected. Jumping from the groomers to the lumps and bumps was so much fun……love mixing it up in this way. Thanks again, you have just gained a new loyal fan.”

“Absolute bomber construction, impeccable finish, sweet riding skis.”

“They’re a really versatile fun ski.The shape is as close to perfect as I could’ve asked. Not too much side cut, lightweight but not so light that the ski was overpowered. The bases are nearly indestructible Some of those impacts I know for a fact would’ve drilled other ski’s I’ve owned. Thanks for a great product I’ll be back for more when the time comes.”

“Just incredible to ski on – with the ability to bust through any crud, the early rise provides float for powder, the sidecut gives excellent edge hold on the hard stuff and they turn on a dime despite being 186 cm long. Stability is great and they seem to love being pushed and raise your personal bar lots.”

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing pair of skis! They are absolutely fantastic, they’re fast, responsive and the stiffness is spot on. It’s a terrible snow year at Ruapehu but I’m having some of the best skiing I’ve ever had thanks to the skis. I know where I’ll be shopping for my next set too.”

“These skis are wonderful. I love every single thing about them… after a few inches of new the Skinnies floated effortlessly. On fast groomers I could virtually lay my hip down and still feel very secure in the turn. I think these skis are now the most beautiful piece of equipment I own… they are now resting very nicely in a prominent corner of my home office. I stare at them for long periods. We are developing quite a love affair.”

“The skis are great. I love the fact that they handle so well in all conditions. The extra flex makes them feel like GS skis, but so nimble in the trees and powder.”