“I spent the weekend in Fernie BC with some friends, and we went cat skiing. My skis were awesome! I have a pair of your Rocketype’s, and I was blown away. I’m looking forward to another set – I love good quality. Keep up the awesome work!”

The Archetypes were absolutely mental at hutt today – really incredible carving skis, when I pushed they hard they kept giving and giving. They weren’t friendly, they were angry as hell, but that’s what you want from a high end ski. Thanks so much – those skis made me feel like Bode Miller today.

“I’m doing a season in the French Alps at the moment, and have absolutely loved them… They take me everywhere, and until now I haven’t skied on anything as solid or as well balanced for me. It doesn’t matter whether it’s groom, ice, bumps or powder they are great!”

“Stoked with the performance – cut through the heavy stuff with no problem and still nice and responsive when the terrain gets tight.”

“I’ve skied most of his skis since the early days of production and I can honestly say they are some of the best skis on the market.”

“If you’re looking for a solid, stable soft-snow ski that is strong on edge, planes well, and is easy to pivot, then I would be shocked if you are disappointed in the SMB.”

“As I shuffled through town to the supermarket via the wine shop there were numerous positive comments. One local powderhead even volunteered (approvingly) info on their pedigree, tips on how to ski them, and even tips on care!”

“The Archetypes just kept performing better and better as the conditions changed. I was exceptionally happy with their ability to deal with the chop – probably the best I’ve had in these conditions.”

“A big thank you to Alex for talking me into the SMB’s. I absolutely love them! It was a big change for me to go to a pair of fats and I’m glad I did. I have spent a lot of time off piste with them and I can say they performed far better than I expected, in fact I think Alex under sold them a bit but one thing he was right about was was that I wouldn’t bother chopping and changing between skis and would just end up riding my SMB’s. TC last Saturday was a good test the powder had been well skied out with the choppy snow only starting to soften during the day but I found they bashed through the lumps,bumps and humps with ease, staying strong and true to wherever I pointed them. Oh and I’ve got them carving nicely on piste as well, which again was much better than expected. Jumping from the groomers to the lumps and bumps was so much fun……love mixing it up in this way. Thanks again, you have just gained a new loyal fan.”

“Absolute bomber construction, impeccable finish, sweet riding skis.”